National Carbon Capture Center
We Serve as the U.S. Department of Energy’s Primary Carbon Capture Research Facility
We Advance Innovative Carbon Management Solutions Toward Deployment
We Bridge the Gap Between the Laboratory and Large-Scale Demonstrations

The National Carbon Capture Center is finding breakthroughs in next-generation carbon management technologies. Managed and operated by Southern Company, our world-class facility works with innovators from around the world to accelerate the development, commercialization and deployment of technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and industrial sources – and to promote carbon conversion and direct air capture solutions.


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As a neutral test site, we evaluate emerging technologies under real-world operating conditions and propel them closer toward commercialization.

Our scope includes carbon capture for point sources like natural gas power generation, plus carbon utilization/conversion and direct air capture.

We operate through a collaborative agreement with the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management and National Energy Technology Laboratory

Completed more than 150,000 hours of testing

Evaluated 80+ technologies

Top News

The National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) is excited to announce that CORMETECH’s lower-cost transformational technology – designed to capture at least 95% of carbon dioxide (CO2)…

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Furthering its collaboration with diverse energy industry leaders, the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) has finalized an agreement welcoming Chevron as the project’s newest industrial…

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Revolutionizing the building blocks of construction. In July 2021, the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) announced its first carbon dioxide (CO2) utilization test as the…

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