The National Carbon Capture Center is funded through a collaborative agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management and National Energy Technology Laboratory, as well as through sponsorship agreements with leaders in the energy industry who participate in our research and provide cost-sharing, industry perspective and engagement, and technical guidance. Our sponsors and technology developers represent more than 60 government, industry, university and research organizations worldwide.

What do sponsors receive?

  • Firsthand assessment of commercial potential of CCUS technologies
  • Informed view of technology to accelerate deployment for their companies & applications
  • Relationship growth with technology developers, funders & technology users

How does the NCCC deliver?

  • Real-world industrial conditions
  • Ability to flexibly adapt infrastructure
  • Deep expertise for design, installation, testing support & analysis
  • Robust collaboration & knowledge sharing

Learn more about the benefits of sponsorship by contacting John Northington.