Our team leads world-class research of next-generation carbon capture technologies. We promote a collaborative environment where approximately 150 highly specialized engineers, operations, maintenance and support staff, and construction personnel take projects through onboarding, design, scale-up, testing, data analysis, final evaluation and demobilization. We also share knowledge with developers and test facilities as technology is scaled up following testing at the National Carbon Capture Center.   

John Northington

Director, National Carbon Capture CenterDirector, Net-Zero Technologies, Research and Development, Southern CompanyEmail John

Mendy Lee

Assistant DirectorNational Carbon Capture CenterEmail Mendy

Doug McCarty

Process and Design Engineering ManagerNational Carbon Capture CenterEmail Doug

Frank Morton

Technology Development ManagerNational Carbon Capture CenterEmail Frank

Randy Pate

Administrative and Compliance ManagerNational Carbon Capture CenterEmail Randy

Gordon Henley

Research Operations ManagerNational Carbon Capture CenterEmail Gordon

Mark Berry, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Vice President, Research and DevelopmentSouthern Company

Richard Esposito, Ph.D.

Program Manager, Geosciences and Carbon ManagementSouthern CompanyEmail Richard

Barry Shirley

Project Engineering ManagerSouthern CompanyEmail Barry