Helios-NRG LLC Algae Technology for CO₂ Capture and Conversion

Helios-NRG is developing technology to capture CO₂ from flue gas using a novel algae culture system and subsequently utilize the algae for revenue-generating products to offset the cost of capture. High CO2 capture efficiency and high biomass productivity are a hallmark of the algae growth portion of the technology and have been the focus of an outdoor test program using on-site flue gas from a fossil-fueled power plant at the National Carbon Capture Center. The multi-stage continuous system will be upgraded and scaled-up based on these previous experiences with field testing in 2024 that will study impacts of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide on sorbent performance.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA ) Low-Carbon Concrete

UCLA returns to the National Carbon Capture Center in 2024 for the second phase of a project featuring the CarbonBuilt Reversa™ CO₂ mineralization process. First tested at the site in 2021, the process uses CO₂ in flue gas and coal combustion residuals to produce low-carbon concrete. In addition to the concrete masonry units that were successfully demonstrated in the previous testing, two additional use cases – segmental retaining wall and concrete manhole products – will also be demonstrated. The CarbonBuilt technology was a grand prize winner in the prestigious NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition.